Vega resonator

This is a nice vintage hard case suitable for a tenor banjo with resonator. Purple felt interior shows wear but is intact. All latches in working condition. Exterior covering in very good condition. Interior dimensions: Total length - 34" Width View details. Guitar tuners ca. Banjo tuners ca. All very tight and working. This is an all solid A style mandolin that bears the name Phil Skinner in the soundhole, who was a major player in the Australian mandolin orchestra scene in the s.

Lots of finish wear is present, a solid repair to the peghead, notable relief in A good unmarked polyfoam case for an F style mandolin. Polyfoam is good for any traveling musician, as it is not heavy, being made of foam, but also, because the foam is able to absorb impact, sometimes better than a hardshell case. This is a great This Waverly mandolin tailpiece cover is engraved with a floral pattern. The plating is in good condition and should clean up nicely.

This is a set of six, gold plated guitar tuners for an older Epiphone archtop guitar. The housing with the letter "E" and the tuners are in working order. Complete with fancy celluloid knobs and all screws and ferules. Great for restoration. This is an interesting early bridge for a four string banjo. It is "compensated" on the 2nd string. It is in very good condition and has the strap extender attached.

This is a set of four diamond shaped Grover tuners as found on higher grade tenor banjos from the s. These sets were found on better Vega, Gibson and Epiphone banjos from the day. Gold plated and ivoroid buttons. Here are five original ivory bridge pins with abalone dots as found on the most prized guitars ever made.

This is a very clean set of nickel plated tuners for a Gibson A Complete with grommets and screws. This is an original pickguard with side mount attachment for a Gibson A style mandolin from the mid s. There is no warping or decay.

Great find. Here is a set of four tuners marked "Waverly Paptented". They are complete with small bakelite buttons, screws and washers.September 12, Friday's main work in the shop was getting this good old Vega up to snuff for a customer. It's pretty late in the game for a Vega 5-string at and even features a resonator and flange which gives it some "bluegrass chops" in a sense. Being a "Regent" model, it features a simple "Little Wonder" style tonering which is a brass hoop sitting on the top of the rim and encased in a nickel-plated brass sleeve.

Amazingly, the hardware and head are all original save for the new bridge and 5th peg. Unfortunately, it had a bad warp in the neck that I removed by a board level and refret. After that I reseated the replacement 5th peg, added a compensated bridge, and set it all up to play on the dot. It has a long 27" scale length and a good, professional feel. The owner uses 10s medium strings on it which feel a bit tense for me but work for his style. Because of how much material I had to take off the board to get it straight and level, there are small "bug holes" in the fret areas that popped out under the first layer of ebony.

A compensated bridge of some sort is a must if you play up the neck at all. The Cave of the Dead said…. I also have a Vega Regent. Mine is pretty close to mint and all stock. It has an aftermarket basic resonator which I've been leaving off - even though I'm trying to learn bluegrass picking.

Mine still has friction pegs, the original bridge, and the original vellum head. I am thinking of putting a geared 5th string peg on as it slips a fair bit. Would that hurt the value? I have no intention to sell it unless I'm destitute, but do you perhaps know what the ballpark value is? It has the original green-lined hard case. Has this example here been refinished with the sunburst on the back of the neck? Mine is just lacquer over maple.

March 13, at AM. Post a Comment.For an in depth discussion about important dating information visit the Fairbanks Research article. The A.

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Fairbanks Company incorporated was succeeded in by the Vega Company established Vega continued to mark their banjos "A. Fairbanks" until the middle teens. During Fairbanks joined with William A.

Fairbanks restarted the numbering at about 1, as did W. From to Fairbanks later Vega made Fred Bacon banjos. Between and Vega made some S. Stewart banjos. The years matched to the serial numbers are an educated approximation; they are accurate within a year or two, and even the dates of introduction of major improvements are based on ads, catalogs, and contemporary news releases.

In the s, urban renewal in Boston forced Vega to move from the Columbus Avenue location where they had been from to c, to Leon Street in Boston, where they stayed until They moved to Needham Heights, where the owners were closer to home.

They weren't there for long before selling to Martin. Vega continued in business in the Nelson Family until March 15, when the name, equipment, and all the rights were sold to C. Martin, a respected guitar manufacturer, in Nazareth, PA. Martin made some banjos, and marketed import instruments, under the Vega brand name until March, when they sold the Vega rights to the Galaxy Trading Company, an Asian conglomerate.

All Vegas from the Galaxy period are imported. For a listing of instrument models and a discussion of some of Fairbanks' and Vega's products, visit the FAQ Frequently Asked Questions article and the web sites listed at the end of this article.

vega resonator

To use the chart below, find the serial number closest to yours and interpolate between the listed numbers to get a best approximation. The "A" stands for "Ajustable truss rod.

vega resonator

A new series of numbers was started in February, We will ship it separately in 10 to 15 days. Over years of Vega tradition and Deering's innovative approach to banjo crafting went into the creation of the Vega Senator model. A spun brass tone ring, ideal for Old Time, Classical, Folk, Civil War music, over years of Vega tradition and Deering's innovative approach to banjo crafting went into the creation of the Vega Senator model. The spun brass tone ring gives it a bright yet warm tone.

The Senator has the time honored vintage Vega peghead profile, and a rich warm brown stained maple neck with adjustable truss rod and a 3-ply rim with dual coordinator rods.

Vega Martin Banjo Info

The hard, dense, naturally beautiful ebony fingerboard is inlaid with pearl dots, and a Vega star at the fifth fret. This open back Vega Senator has the ease of playability that all Deering banjos are noted for, and the light weight desired by many banjo players without sacrificing sound quality and sustain. The trust and pride we share in our product gives us the confidence to grant every owner of a Deering banjo a Lifetime Warranty ensuring the quality of our materials and workmanship.

Sign In. Check Dealer Stock. Description Specs Media. Tone: Provides brightness, sustain and ease in playing; bright yet warm tone. Warranty: The trust and pride we share in our product gives us the confidence to grant every owner of a Deering banjo a Lifetime Warranty ensuring the quality of our materials and workmanship.

Other Products You May Like.Vega Little Wonder. Feeling a little nostalgic? The Vega Little Wonder is a modern reproduction of a classic open-back banjo from yesteryear.

1920's Vega Little Wonder 5 String Conversion (sound sample)

Little Wonder Fret Tenor. Only 7 lbs, the Little Wonder banjo is a traditional style instrument, with a sweetness and purity of tone that gives both the professional and beginning banjoist a fabulous sounding banjo that is light, fast and easy to play. Vega Old Tyme Wonder. This is a light-weight banjo that is made especially for musicians who want the warmer tones that go well in a string band with a fiddle and bass.

The result is a very mellow banjo sound, a lovely full tone. Vega White Oak Banjo. The Vega White Oak banjos are ideal for clawhammer and folk music and players will marvel at the bright tone and distinct note clarity from a banjo that weighs less than 6 pounds!

A Mahogany, warm and woody, light weight longneck banjo, the Woodsongs Campfire Longneck is a collaboration between Michael Jonathan of Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour and the Deerings to create a banjo like the one Michael plays that is affordable for his broad audiences. A spun-brass tone ring, ideal for Old Time, Classical, Folk, Civil War music, over years of Vega tradition and Deering's innovative approach to banjo crafting went into the creation of the Vega Senator model. Vega Senator 6-String Banjo.

Light weight and tuned like a guitar, for blues, rock, jazz, or any style you want to play, the Vega 6-string is a great sounding light weight openback banjo. The tubaphone tone ring creates that unique Vega tone in this professional quality maple banjo. The Vega No.

Vega Long Neck. Whether you want to re-create the folk music of the 's or musically travel into unexplored banjo territory or simply have a superb instrument to accompany vocals, the Vega Long Neck banjo will provide the versatile, sweet, beautiful banjo. The Bob Shane Plectrum banjo is a professional grade banjo made beautifully figured natural koa wood buffed to a high gloss.

It has a genuine Deering made Vega Tubaphone tone ring made of brass for outstanding quality of tone and projection.

vega resonator

If, like Greg Deering, you first found a love of the banjo from listening to the Kingston Trio, having one of these wonderful banjos makes you a part of something very special. Vega Professional Fret Tenor. Greg Deering re-created the process for making the pie back resonator of the excellent professional grade Tenor banjo. Showing 1—12 of 13 results Sort by popularity Sort by average rating Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to low. Add to Wishlist.

Rated 5. Vega Senator. Vega 2. Search for:.Basically Un-Played, but the resonator shows signs of usage with scratches and other minor finish damage. Nicely refinished some years ago; all-original metal parts lovingly chrome-plated about the same time.

Skip to main content. Items per page 5 10 20 50 - All. To see the full version of the photo, please click on the square thumbnails. Alvarez Minstrel Tenor Banjo. Well-made, Great Sound and Playability. Minor finish wear in first position, but little or no fingerboard and fret wear. Totally Original with great playability.

Original hard case. Modest forward-bow, but action is low with great playability. Excellent original hard shell case. Serial: Condition: VG-Exc. Silver Bell tone-ring. Great Original Condition. Bacon Banjo Co. Blue Ribbon Orchestra Special Tenor. Index: Maker: Bacon Banjo Co. Personalized Armrest. Minor playing wear. Straight Neck, Low Action, All original. Mother-of-Pearl tuning knobs.

Snap-in resonator back fits great.

Banner Blue by Lange Tenor Banjo. Lange, banjo-maker extraordinaire. Marginal chip-board case. Deering Deluxe Tenor Banjo. Un-played, but with a few dings. Original TKL hard case.

Epiphone Recording A Plectrum.Kudos to Greg Deering who rescued the Vega brand name from extinction in and restored it to greatness. When C. Martin Co. Old 6 digit Vega serial numbers persisted on a yellow sticker on the inner pot until production was moved to Pennsylvania in Thereafter, C.

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Over a period of several years, the Vega line morphed into a uniquely featured Vega Martin instrument. This fascinating collection of vintage stringed instruments chronicles luthier C. Although the Martin Company did not manufacture Vega banjos till a century later, a solitary banjo from the mid 19th century is appended to the exhibit to display parallel innovation in the instrument because of its increasing popularity during that era see close-up photo.

He is credited with being one of the first banjo-builders to install side brackets with hooks to adjust the tension of the head.

The C. Martin Company acquired the Vega rights from the Bostonian Nelson Family in May of and sold the franchise overseas in March of Ironically, C. Martin briefly built a lightweight tenor banjo between to compete with Vega and other manufacturers whose heavier and more popular banjos had greater tone, volume, and sales. Martin Museum collection. Martin stamp. Data from these logbooks are available per e-mail request from the BRC founder.

It is a beauty.

vega resonator

Although C. To unravel most of the curious mystery of the legendary Bobby Joe Fenster, please scroll back on the homepage to the Sept. The Vega Vox model was a 4 string gem that featured a brass tone ring. The resonator was hand-painted, and fancy engraved pearl inlays adorned the ebony fingerboard.

The peg head engraving and paint motif matched the resonator. Martin was winding-down its banjo production, the metal engraving was subcontracted to Liberty Banjos. Ron from everyone at the BRC for providing representative images typical of this historic crowning jewel see below correspondences It is numbered either or I cant tell from the numbers. I guess if its the it might be the last that Martin made? It looks pretty similar to my VIP with the Martin emblem but with slightly fancier inlay.

I cant seem to see how to post a picture. Gary- Thanks for your query to the BRC. If you have not done so already, please check-out my website post of Jan. Martin sold the Vega brand to the Asian conglomerate Galaxy Corporation inand serial numbers became unreliable. Galaxy went bankrupt in a few years, and the Vega line was rescued by Greg Deering in My impression is that most of the Martin banjos were Tu-Ba-Phone models.

F Martin historian, documenting it as the last banjo built by C. Samantha- Thanks for the extensive and helpful photos of your above banjo. InMartin sold the Vega brand to the Asian conglomerate Galaxy. The Vega banjos in the TMC catalogue were identified by serial numbers only with no model titles or nicknames. Galaxy went bankrupt in a few years, and the Vega brand was purchased in by Deering in California who restored the instrument line to greatness.

Hopes this helps and thanks again for the detailed pictures. From the BRC, Barry.

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