Snape adopts baby harry fanfiction

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Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Five-year-old Harry has a delicious surprise for Severus, and Mr. Scarecrow is about to attend his first Halloween party ever. Harry is accused of burglary. The Dursleys leave him to rot. Dumbledore sends Snape to remedy the situation. Harry finds himself in the care of an irate Snape.

snape adopts baby harry fanfiction

Angst galore. Un-betaed and un-Britpicked. AU:Dumbledore decides that the Dursleys are not a suitable family for Harry. He asks Snape to take in his rival's son, appealing to the man's enduring devotion to Lily and the promise he made to her. A reluctant Snape takes in an eight-year-old Harry on a provisional basis.

Pero no pudo. Severus Snape knew many things, not that he was one to brag about his knowledge. He knew how each and every ingredient would react to another or to any outside stimulus whether that be heat or a stirring rod. He knew how to fight and how to create spells to end the fights quickly.

He knew how to deceive even the most paranoid of people. He knew that he should never have agreed to become a teacher and, above all else, he knew that Petunia Dursley nee Evans should never be allowed within a hundred feet of a magical child.

snape adopts baby harry fanfiction

While on the run from the Hogwarts letters, Harry slips away from the Dursleys and meets an unexpected stranger. Take one Severus Snape, one baby Potter, and one insane Headmaster; simmer gently and stir well. Don't forget to duck! Harry was made deaf by his abusive aunt and uncle at the age of five and has over all just had a tough life.

He gets refuge in the comfort of Slytherin house, his new best friend Draco Malfoy, his best friends parents, and a certain Severus Snape, who actually, might just become the family and safe haven he's always wanted.

An accident during winter break of his sixth year leaves Harry Potter in a comatose state and the wizarding world lamenting for a hero to save them from Voldemort, Severus Snape however wonders if there isn't more to this 'accident' than the esteemed headmaster is letting on. Fic in which everything up to 5th year is the same as canon. Sirius lived through the ministry raid, and Harry had been adopted by Severus thanks to people finding out about the Dursley's abuse.

Running out of his favorite jam leads Severus Snape to one magical little boy. Not only does his life get changed but the disposition of his future is dramatically altered. Adventure, intrigue, and some light meddling will change his fate and his outlook on the mundane life he once led.

Severus and Sirius take in trustworthy people. Daryl and Glenn become Father's and Carl Grimes meet's his father almost a year after they left. Severus Snape is a complicated man, but when it comes to protecting Harry Potter's life, there is nothing more simple than succeeding.

When Severus finds himself caring for the boy after an attack, how will their relationship change?

snape adopts baby harry fanfiction

Harry is often overlooked and ignored, but the young Slytherin has a lot more potential than anyone ever thought possible. Severus Snape is the first one to see that potential, and perhaps Harry can help break him out of his expertly crafted shell and they can build the family they so desperately crave. This means that when Lily dies there is another whose blood relationship with her is recognized by the blood ward Dumbledore places on Harry.Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by J.

No money is being made. Warnings: this story will be Slash, but seeing as Harry is only eleven, it will take a while for anything to happen. On the night of November 1, most of the Wizarding World of Britain was celebrating. They were celebrating the fall of the most powerful Dark Lord of the last years.

They celebrated, cheering the Savior of the Wizarding World. But not once during their celebrating did they think about the price a young baby had to pay so they could have peace.

Not once did they think about the little orphan who was being left on the doorstep of a family who didn't want him. Not once did they think that that little boy had lost all of his family that night. It was on that night that Albus Dumbledore left the little orphan on the doorstep of his aunt's home. Albus Dumbledore, who was considered by many as the greatest wizard since the Founders of Hogwarts, was confident that he had made the right choice.

They were, after all, the boy's family. It was best if he grew up away from all the fame that he was certain to receive, so that when he finally went to Hogwarts it would be easier to guide him in the right direction, because the boy would not have been subjected to the bigotry of the wizarding world. In all his wisdom he saw no problem with his plan, in his opinion there was no way it could go wrong.

It would take ten years for Albus Dumbledore to start to understand how wrong his plan would go, and a few more after that for him to really see just how wrong he was when it came to dealing with the young Harry Potter.

Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape were in front of a house that had seen better days. It had an old and worn out look and it emitted a cold and desolated air. Albus Dumbledore verified the address again, and confirmed that they really were in the right place. The House wasn't a simple house, it was an orphanage, a boy's only orphanage and Albus Dumbledore and Severus Snape were there to see young Harry Potter.

Just like every year the Deputy-Headmistress of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry would send out the letters of acceptance to all the children that were registered and several professors would visit the students that were new to the wizarding world personally.

But this year there was something different; this year was the year that Harry Potter would come back to the Wizarding World.

Dumbledore spent several hours pondering on how to deal with the situation.Floo to:. We are hosted on Potions and Snitches.

Centered on Snape and Harry. Semi Snape and Harry. A fic centered on Severus Snape. General fic. All lil pic explanations. Harry Potter belongs to J.

snape adopts baby harry fanfiction

I think that I'll place all stories dealing with Harry 8 years old and younger Babies! It's rather hard to draw the line, what about a fic that only briefly has a scene of baby Harry for a paragraph before launching into a Novel of all his Hogwarts years?

The list isn't complete, but it's the best I could do. Funny and light. Easy to read. One chapter only. Will make you go, "Awww! Since the mistake was hers, Dumbledore and the professors all agree that she should take care of him.

There's also the tiny little fact that he screams if he's taken away. A Bouncy Baby Boy?

Dumbledore takes notice and sends a new parent to fulfil Lily and James place. Remus Guardian. Harry's young life, with both a father and older brother. Severitus Harry's real name is Emrys; brother Sean 10 years old. Muggle lifestyle, including pizza. A life in Hogwarts fic.

Net Author's Summary: Harry was sent to the orphanage by the Dursley. How will a different life affect his character and perspective of things? Net Author's Summary: AU. Discarded by the Dursleys, Harry's life is completely changed when he is found and adopted by the most unlikely being imaginable. Death, the being, takes Harry in. The problem? They can't take Harry, and with Sirius, Remus, and Peter going with them, they have no one to watch Harry. Then, Dumbledore suggests Severus, and everything begins to fall in place Has some swearing.

Sirius is awarded custody of baby Harry. Remus lives with them. The Weasleys and Severus make an appearance.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Prologue 2. The Next Day Part 1 3. The Next Day Pt 2 4. Scheming Plan "A" 5. Covincing Severus 6. Vacation Time? Werewolves and Babies 8.

Disclaimer: I think everyone's memorized the thingy by now. The next morning, Severus awoke from the sounds of a baby stirring awake from its sleep. Sitting up, he turned his head to the right and was greeted with the sight of little baby Harry cooing at him softly while he played with his tiny feet.

Lifting the child up, he smiled softly and quietly murmured a good morning to the child. Lowering the child back into his arms, Severus quickly walked into the bathroom to wash Harry and himself. When he came back out into the bedroom, he let out a small noise of frustration when he realized that he didn't have any diapers or baby things for Harry.

Sighing, he called out for his house-elf, Luna. Severus saw the question in Luna's eyes and answered"The child is Harry Potter. His parents were going to dump him in an orphanage, so I took him. Luna nodded in understanding - after all, her master was a kind man who was just badly misunderstood.

Curious as to why her master called her, she asked "What is you be needing Luna for, Master Severus? Harry blinked as the house-elf disappeared before his eyes. Startled, he began to coo questioningly at the man who was holding him. Severus couldn't help but chuckle before poking Harry's tummy gently.

As a result, Harry giggled and tried to bat his surrogate father's hand away. After breakfast - a very messy breakfast - and a quick warm bath, Severus left Harry on a play-mat Luna had gotten while he went to get a book from the library. After checking that the play-mat had the necessary spells on it, he quickly walked into the library to get a random book.So I heard a call a while back for good Harry Potter fic, which is…kind of murderously difficult to find due to the sheer volume involved.

And being an extremely picky reader, hopefully this list will be helpful to others as well. Stealing Harry is something of a fandom classic and really good for comfort reading, starting as it does on the happy ending and moving from there.

Anythingliterally anything, by lullabyknellart. She has multiple long, chaptered fics in progress, and while it takes a while for her to update when she does it is glorious. Personal favorites include face death in the hope time-travel, Regulus Black, and emotional-disaster Harryand into the arena with your head held high Harry and genderfluid godkid Teddy time-travel from apocalyptic future to non-apocalyptic past and proceed to fuck shit up.

Also there are poltergeists. Rewrite of the whole series with Harry being in Slytherin, because Draco is significantly less of a dick. I inhaled the whole thing in two days, it was terrible. Only other Drarry I will ever accept. All are absolute gems, seriously, beautiful fucking writing, will kill you with so many feels. Read them all. You will cry. You will be happy about it. My personal favorites include D. Requirement the Room of Requirement provides a spaceship.

Seriously, I went into knowing that Bleach existed and what the main character looked like. Hate prophecies?

HBP Snape's Worst Memory EXTENDEDll Lily's Scene ll Finally Released

Hate Umbridge? Need cheering up? Want to stab Voldemort with a dinner knife?Story Story Writer Forum Community. Home Community Books Harry Potter baby harry!

Focus: Books Harry Potter, Since: Harry as a 6 year old, Snape with a gooey center! Harry is caught foolishly trying to explore Hogwarts' lake, and Snape must bring himself to discipline the boy. Contains very mild corporal punishment.


Harry didn't just survive He travelled through time. Full summary inside. A child can't change the world. No, but he can change people. Bubble Crash!

Snape adopts Harry

Part II in progress. He's five years old in this story, hehe!. What he finds is something that even he can't ignore. Lily and James go out, leaving Harry in his uncles'care, two of whom quickly learn never to let Sirius do the bedtime stories. A baby's woes by lifes-mysteries18 reviews Severus knew Albus, therefore he knew that Albus had known all along that he would give in.

Blast it all. I'll take him. Little Green Eyes by Murgy31 reviews Harry Potter is a mute three year old in the care of a wellknown orphanage. Although wellcared for, Dumbledore still feels the need to check on him, and who does he send? Why, our favorite Potions Master of course!Albus Dumbledore sat in his office, waiting for Professor McGonagall to arrive. He had just sent her to make an inspection of the Dursley household.

It was to see if Harry Potter was being treated properly and if everything was okay. They had to look out for the Boy-Who-Lived after all. Unwrapping a lemon drop, he had a painstaking flashback of leaving the boy there. He had had no choice after all. They were his only family. Even if Snape had looked at him as if he were crazy and even if Professor McGonagall had argued that they were nothing like them and that Harry would be ruined.

Dumbledore reached for another sherbet lemon and ate it. After a few minutes he heard a knock on the door. The woman did not answer until she had thrown her travelling cloak on a peg and had sat down on the chair in front of Dumbledore. Headmaster, he is being neglected! As thin as a stick!

Living in a broom closet-" and as if that wasn't enough-"And scared of his own guardians! And if he does, they're much too big for him. Every crumb of food is supposed to be a huge favor to him. A small tear or cry or even a sound and they glare at him. They absolutely dote on their child, though! He looks well-fed and-" She was beginning to go quite red with rage. I already told them that we'd be taking him away soon.

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