Axis companion camera password

If an FFMPEG option is available we recommend you try that first as it will often be faster and include audio support. The settings for Axis cameras are built right into our open source surveillance software iSpy and our Windows Service based platform, Agent - click "Add" then "IP camera with wizard" to automatically setup your Axis cameras. Start typing in the "Make" box to find your camera. If your camera is not listed in iSpy or Agent then click "Get Latest List" in settings or when on the add camera wizard.

If you need to modify the URL then add or edit the Axis camera and you can modify the connection type and URL in the video source dialog button is top of the first tab. Download Surveillance Software. The connection details provided here are crowd sourced from the community and may be incomplete, inaccurate or both. We provide no warranty that you will be successful using these connection URLs or that Axis products are compatible with iSpy.

All rights reserved. No part of this database may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law. Camera Username. Close Generate.I have a customer with two cameras and he wants to use the camera companion software.

He has no internet access at this location and refuses to put this machine online super sensitive business stuff on there.

Is there any way to use that companion software without signing in to a MyAxis account? They may have a way of e-mailing the install file for totally offline installs, I left a message to see. Very bad idea. We have learned the hard way on that. The Axis cameras keep poor time and without an NTP time server the cameras will show the wrong times and recordings will be off. Each AXIS camera time has to be set manually if there is no time server and the times slowly get off causing problems.

We had to install a GPS time server as a last resort, but not worth the headache. Can the internal machine where the ACC client is installed provide time to the cameras?

Of course it will drift also, but, IMHO they are way better than the cameras themselves. And the cameras would at least agree among themselves. The 'Startup Type' should be set to Automatic. Camera Calculator. Camera Finder. F-Stop Calculator. Integrator Finder. News Spider. Camera Comparison. Cancel Okay.At this point setup should be finished and the cameras should be recording video to the TeraStation NVR unit.

The site can be accessed through Axis Camera Companion to view both live video and recorded video. Recording parameters can be adjusted through Axis Camera Companion as well.

Knowledge Base Search by either entering keywords or by selecting a product. Set a static IP in the desired range on the PC to be used for configuration. The TeraStation should show up in the interface. This should launch the property sheet for the TeraStation.

Go through the initial TeraStation setup wizard. The default administrator username is "admin" and the default password is "password". It is recommended that the default password be changed at this time to a more secure one. We're leaving this one at the default for demonstration purposes. Once the wizard finishes you can close the browser window. Launch the Axis IP utility.

Enter the correct IP address for the camera. Note: Repeat steps for each camera that will be used in this setup. Note: If the system running Axis Camera Companion has internet access, you will be asked to create an account with Axis. Name the site and create a password for the site. The first screen should tell you to make sure all your cameras are attached to the network and powered up. The wizard should locate all attached cameras.

If not all the cameras are detected, check to make sure that all cameras have power and are connected to the network. In our example we only have one camera. Click the Connect Network Share button. Select the TeraStation and click Next. Enter the username and password for the TeraStation. The username will be "admin" and the password will be "password" unless it was changed in step 6.

Select the "Recordings" share and click Next. Do not select the "Info" share. This is the part of the setup automated by the software. The Camera Companion software will now configure a user and set a quota for each camera in the site.

Doing this manually could take minutes or more per camera. Once the storage configuration is finished the software will display all cameras configured for this share. Click Next.Worse, since many cameras are made available over the Internet often because of another risky practice, port forwarding or because the manufacturer defaulted UPnP onthe cameras may be attacked from anywhere in the world.

Others do not require unique passwords, but prompt users to set strong passwords when logging into the camera. For example, Bosch displays the message when logging into cameras using firmware 6. Dahua includes a similar prompt. The use of default passwords in production systems is considered poor practice. At the very least, all surveillance network devices, including camerasclients, and servers, should be changed from the defaults with strong passwords, documented in a secure location.

This prevents access to the network using simple password guessing, requiring a more skilled attacker and more complex methods. However, there are many who still claim default passwords are fine, especially if the surveillance system is on a dedicated network, without access to other client systems. Waves of unprecedented botnet attacks against major Internet sites have been driven by hacked video surveillance devices that make use of default passwords plus telnet access.

axis companion camera password

This is a powerful example of why default passwords should not be used nor should they be allowed to be used after setup. Locking Down Network Connections Guide on Apr 23, Accidents and inside attacks are risks when network connections are not locked down.

Security and video surveillance systems should be protected The law takes aim especially at passwords on This tool allows quickly and simply Arecont and Bosch - Default Security Risk on Dec 14, Default passwords are a major security risk, enabling hackers around the world to access and control devices like IP cameras using Shodan, turning IP Camera Trolling - Cybersecurity Showcase on Nov 09, If you want to convince your customers about the importance of cybersecurity and the risk of being the next Hikvision, Foscam or Trendnet, show They market it as providing "quick configuration and installation, providing innate Related Reports.

While it was first attributed to Huawei Dahua New Critical Vulnerability on Sep 23, Dahua has quietly admitted 5 new vulnerabilities including 1 critical vulnerability with a 9.

axis companion camera password

It does not cover all And after an Even if the camera's audio has been This new LifeSafety Power NetLink Vulnerabilities And Problematic Response on May 20, 'Power supplies' are not devices that many think about when considering vulnerabilities but as more and more devices go 'online', the risks for Subnetting for Video Surveillance on Apr 30, This guide explains when subnetting is used on security networks, and how it works.

We explain how to add or remove IP addresses to your range, Most Recent Industry Reports. Watch the New Products The company is marketing a 'Feevr' solution that fundamentally lacks accuracy for its use, as its thermal provider FLIR has said Inside this note, we examine the cuts made and the impact on LenelS2 going Hands-Free Bathroom Doors For Coronavirus Mitigation on Apr 10, Coronavirus has increased concerns about picking up germs, especially from bathrooms.

Instead of cleaning handles after every user, companies have SIA and Reed hope to run it in October This is a masterclass Member Login.Everything has worked fine until I added a new camera. I had the new camera in my office for a few days while I configured it and everything worked fine in Camera Companion, even the motion detection.

I moved the camera to its destination and issues started.

In Camera Companion, I can view the live view, but the recordings show a "camera error" and shows the camera is constantly recording. I checked the recordings on the video camera web interface and on the network storage and it shows normal recordings activated by the motion detection. I logged a ticket with AXIS support and they were almost worthless.

I will admit that I did not read the manual on setting up the network storage, but it works and has worked for a few years.

AXIS Companion Recorder

They do not understand network shares and security. After hours on the phone, they admit my issue is with the Camera Companion software and they escalated it. I am ready to search for a replacement, so here I am in Spiceland to see what others are using. All the cameras are AXIS with motion detection enabled. I just want a software to view the recordings without having to open each individual recording file.

How long of a run is you camera on? I had a similar problem different system. The camera was just over cat6 range at '.

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Put in a POE extender and the problems went away. Todd, the range is one thing that I considered. I have not measured the distance, but I know it is under the limit for CAT5e. I figured if the POE power quality was the issue, the camera would have issues with even working. I will try an extender.

Glad to hear that you got it sorted. Especially glad you're not charging me for an extender that didn't solve your problem :. To continue this discussion, please ask a new question.

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AXIS M3047-P and AXIS M3048-P factory default

Best Answer. Popular Topics in General Software. Which of the following retains the information it's storing when the system power is turned off? Thai Pepper. Jim H This person is a verified professional. Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. This topic has been locked by an administrator and is no longer open for commenting.

Read these nextProfessional solution with affordable cameras, recorders, software and accessories that leverage Axis quality. Get a quick overview to select the right cameras, find a storage solution and add accessories. The tool produces a printable system overview and a complete bill of materials for easy ordering.

Axis Discontinues Companion Hardware, Fully NDAA Compliant

Any device that is connected to the internet opens for a possible cyber-attack. To accommodate to the reality of small business — where every aspect is the concern of a single business owner — AXIS Companion has cybersecurity built right in the system for an easier and more controlled approach.

This well-packaged cybersecurity includes for example the securing of all communication in the system with Axis Secure Remote Access and the easy upgrade of all firmware through the PC client.

And you can always rewind to see what happened. AXIS Companion video surveillance solution Professional solution with affordable cameras, recorders, software and accessories that leverage Axis quality User friendly software and system components that meet the requirements of small business Secure access to video from remote using mobile device or PC. AXIS Companion Selector Get a quick overview to select the right cameras, find a storage solution and add accessories.

Start the tool. Cybersecurity built right in Any device that is connected to the internet opens for a possible cyber-attack. Read customer stories. Please note!The system consists of standard Axis cameras, SD cards, software clients for PC and smartphones, and standard network equipment.

axis companion camera password

The software has extensive language support. It is easy to access the system over the Internet to view live or recorded video from home or from another site. For viewing live or recorded video, or exporting video after an incident, either the client or a smartphone app can be used. AXIS Camera Companion removes the single-point of failure which is common in alternative solutions where a DVR failure prevents all cameras to be recorded. AXIS Camera Companion is developed with focus on ease of use for the casual as well as the more active end user.

The interface is simple and intuitive, with easy access to the most common activities, such as viewing live video, searching through recordings and exporting videos and snapshots. You can step through recorded video and export high-quality HDTV video clips or snapshots to colleagues and authorities. Adding new cameras to the system is easy. No extra charge or additional equipment needed.

Existing analog cameras can be integrated using Axis video encoders. If you want to step up to another IP solution in the future, you can re-use all your installed Axis network cameras and video encoders, as well as your network equipment. Toggle menu Toll Free: Login or Sign Up 0. Product can easily be removed from your cart if wanted. Write a Review. Current Stock:. Share This Article. Custom Field. Videos Hide Videos Show Videos.

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